Why you should skip the hospital newborn photos

Maybe you're not sure whether you should have hospital newborn photos taken or book a newborn photography session. Today, I will discuss why you should skip photography in the hospital and book your own photographer. After all, I think this will help you receive the best memories for your family and a better experience instead. 

Having a newborn baby is an exciting time for your family. You've been waiting months and preparing your nursery and dreaming of what they will look like. Chances are, you have probably already thought about documenting this time for your family. Read on to see the 3 reasons why you should skip that hospital photographer and book your own!

Reason 1: no comfort or gorgeous images Heading

As a mama myself, I remember those first couple days after having a baby. Everything is a total blur and you just want to go home. People are visiting, doctors are coming in to check on things, and everything is overwhelming.

For these FIRST special memories you probably want a little bit of comfort. Booking your own photographer means you can go home, take a shower, put on some makeup on. It also means, that you will be able to choose and plan outfits for your baby and yourself other than the outfit you packed for the hospital. There's little time to prep to where you feel YOUR best! Ultimately, skipping the hospital newborn photos means you can go home and plan your dream newborn session and decide on a date when you will feel more comfortable.

Reason 2: No Customization of colors or choices

Here, we are going to compare and contrast hospital newborn photos vs a newborn photographer that does this professionally. When you book a newborn photographer, you know that you are going to get a customized experience with your wants in mind. During booking, a newborn photographer will ask you questions to get to know you better and work on a shot list that you desire. In contrast, a hospital photographer will not let you customize your session. Their job is to take your pictures, process them, and deliver them. No customization included.

In addition, professional newborn photographers offer props and newborn wraps which elevates the look of your photos drastically. You will also be able to decide where you would feel comfortable having your photos done. The most popular options of location are between a newborn studio look or a lifestyle newborn session done in your own home. However, hospital newborn photos will not include access to different props or wraps nor will it included options of locations. Above all, your whole newborn photography experience should be tailored to what you want because these are your memories.

Reason 3 - No additional family - these are your first pictures!

As we have talked about above, these are your FIRST Pictures as a family. Down the road, you’re going to be so happy you were able to document these memories for your baby. Hospitals have a one visitor policy which leaves little extra room when you have family, but having a newborn added to your family is special to more than just mom and dad. Sometimes there are other siblings and eager grandparents that want to be apart of the photos too. These newborn photos will become part of your legacy of memories. You will hang them on your walls, fill your albums, and share these moments with each year that goes by. Make sure you have all the people you love in your photos!

Read this sweet article by the Huffington Post about Grandparents in the newborn photographer ! 

Finally, this newborn stage is fleeting, so however you decide to document your newborn photos, I hope they will will be special in their own way. Please strongly consider these 3 reasons on why you should skip newborn photography in the hospital and go with a professional photographer to document your newborn images in a way that you'll cherish for a lifetime!

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