Welcome mamas to be! This an exciting chapter in your motherhood journey and I know that preparing for your newborn photography session can be overwhelming. As you anticipate capturing those precious moments with your little one, I know that you might be questioning what you need to bring or pack. So, this is a short guide with essentials to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

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The top 5 essentials to bring for baby:

  1. Diapers: Pack more than you think you will need just in case! If by chance you do run out, there is a Publix around the corner.
  2. Wipes: Baby wipes were the perfect invention! From snotty noses to eye boogers, and needing them for a quick cleanup, a pack is definitely necessary! They make it easy to clean anything on the spot.
  3. An extra outfit to go home: Due to how I wrap baby for the session, sometimes it can cause a bowel movement for babies - which is so great! But, since baby is not eating solids, the occasional poop might be a little messier then planned. Accidents happen, so it's nice to be prepared.
  4. Bottles and Formula/Breast Milk: If you are bottle feeding, please bring an extra bottle or two to keep baby satisfied during the session. Bottles make it easier for feeding baby while putting them into the prop or poses when they need a top off or little snack mid-session.
  5. Pacifiers - I know not every baby takes a pacifier, but if your baby does, they can be a lifesaver during a session to soothe a fussy baby.
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Everything else is provided by the studio for a stress-free experience.

No need to worry about props, swaddle wraps, headbands and accessories. I have purchased everything I need for the session in an array of colors to fit your home and nursery decor. When you arrive, I will have all the props, wraps, accessories set out and ready for baby based on the colors you chose. We will start the session immediately that way it's a seamless experience so we can maximize the images we get out of baby while they are asleep.

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With this easy packing guide, I hope you can feel confident and prepared for your newborn session knowing that you don't have to bring much or worry about. Together, we will create beautiful, lasting memories of your new baby!

If you have any questions, please reach out. I can't wait to capture these special newborn photos for your family.

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