Family posing is always first

Baby will be wrapped for parent posing. Having them wrapped makes your images have a polished, finished look, helps siblings hold the baby, and it helps them start getting sleepy for their portion.

The variations we will do is:

Whole family photos

Individual parent photos

Sibling photos

and Grandparents if applicable

I do have some dresses for mom to wear if you want to borrow something.

Solo Baby portion - Posing takes skill, training & knowledge

Your baby’s safety is a priority here. Many do not know how to pose correctly. and I am well versed to make sure baby’s airways are unobstructed, circulation is not blocked, and no tendons are hurt.

The solo baby portion takes the longest amount of time because of posing. We will do variations of props and table posing based on the colors you provide.

Please note, I do not take posing requests BECAUSE every baby is different in how they are comfortable posing, nor will I ever force a baby into a pose. Some hate being out of the comfort of a wrap, but most do fine. I always joke that in my studio, baby is boss. I do have a set workflow that I do for my newborn clients so that we can get a wide range of poses of baby in props and on fabric. Once again, it is all up to the baby.

I absolutely love my job and all babies in my care are properly posed and cared for.

Remember, we provide everything for the baby - you just show up!

I know the stress you have on you to get out the door with all the baby things, be on time somewhere, and not have forgotten anything. Everything will be ready when you arrive making this an easy session experience.

You will receive a color questionnaire upon booking, and I will create setups based around those colors. Please note, our setups are very timeless and classic. I want your images to be something you are proud of for years to come.

Some notes before your session -

Make sure you are avoiding spicy foods 72 hours prior to your session so that baby won't experience any tummy issues.

Try to keep baby stimulated the morning of your session and feed baby before you arrive for the session.

Bring extra milk and a pacifier if baby takes one.

Bring burp rags, diapers and wipes as well.

Wash baby's face so it is free of little boogies in their eyes and nose.

My studio is in the front of my home, so I do ask for respect with your children who can walk to keep them in the studio seating area. They should not be walking around the personal part of my space or come in the shooting area. This keeps them safe, and this keeps the newborn safe at all times.

If your children do not want to stay seated, a family member is welcome to take them to the park around the corner while we finish the baby portion of the session.