The perfect time to book your maternity photos

Congratulations, if you've reached this blog there is a big chance that you are expecting a baby and are wondering "when should I book maternity photos?". Maternity photoshoots are an amazing way to capture each pregnancy and finding the perfect time to book them is important. Below, I'll walk you through how far in advanced you should book your maternity shoot and why!

when should i book maternity photos

3 Factors to consider when scheduling your maternity photos.

  1. Your gestational age
  2. Your personal comfort
  3. Benefits of early booking
when do you book maternity photos

Booking your maternity shoot between 28-34 weeks

When we think about maternity photo sessions, we think of a nice round, beautiful bump! Therefore, I always suggest waiting to at least 28 weeks in gestation so that your bump is round and visible during your maternity session. As a tampa maternity photographer, I love showcasing the baby bump in various ways with lighting in studio so that it showcases your pregnancy so well.

how far in advanced to book maternity photos

Being comfortable during your maternity photoshoot

- As you get further into your pregnancy there is a higher chance of swelling and general discomfort as your body prepares for baby to arrive. Many women want to avoid those issues in their maternity photos, so booking earlier, the better. You are also likely to have a good balance of energy during that period, which can contribute to an enjoyable maternity session!

when to schedule maternity photos

The benefits of booking your maternity photos early

Booking your maternity photo session during the earlier weeks of your pregnancy will allow for flexibility of the calendar depending on how booked out your maternity photographer gets. It is so disappointing to turn away clients because I do not have enough room on my calendar. Most women want to book early and check it off their list, so they avoid last minute stress. Towards the end of your pregnancy, you are also running the risk of your baby arriving earlier than expected. I always tell prospective clients to contact me during their first trimester or at the very beginning of their second.

when to book a maternity shoot

Looking for a Maternity photographer?

Booking a maternity photos during your 28-34 week gestational period offers so many benefits. This timeframe is always going to allow you to get the optimal bump results you want in your images and ensures your comfort during your maternity photoshoot, all while providing flexibility and avoiding last minute stress. If you are in the Tampa, Florida area and looking for a maternity photo session, I'd love to help!